What is BeaconSage RE?

BeaconSage RE is a software marketing tool which uses beacon technology to engage with potential home buyers.

What are beacons and how do they work?

A part of the Internet of Things (The Physical Web), a beacon is a small Bluetooth device that continually emits a specific webpage URL.

How does BeaconSage RE work?

BeaconSage RE pulls realty listings directly from the MLS and displays them in auto-generated web pages. Realtors place a beacon at a property and connect it to the property listing in BeaonSage RE.

Do I need to know how to program to add my listing pages?

No, you don’t need to know any programming. BeaconSage RE pulls all the content from your MLS listings and builds the pages for you.

How do potential customers view a property listing?

When a potential buyer is within range of a beacon, if they have a beacon detection app -- such as the BeaconSage app -- installed and running on their mobile device, they will receive a notification on their screen. When they select the beacon notice, they’re sent to the associated mobile-friendly listing page. The BeaconSage app is available free for iPhone (iTunes App Store) and Android (Google Play).

Is the BeaconSage app compatible with both iPhones and Android devices?

Yes, BeaconSage works with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Where do I get the BeaconSage app?

The BeaconSage App is FREE and can be downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play store.

How much does BeaconSage RE cost?

Pricing is based on the number of Listing Agents. All those details can be found on the Pricing Page.