Change the Way People See Your Properties

With BeaconSage RE, you can put your property listings right where you want them - in a potential buyer's hands. Harness the power of beacons and the Internet of Things to create virtual open houses without your even being there. Display beautiful, engaging property listings and offer on-demand virtual tours at the properties you have for sale.

Simply place an affordable beacon on the premises, and BeaconSage RE will pull all of the property’s details from the MLS automatically details from the MLS automatically and make it available to anyone with a beacon detection app on their mobile device. You get maximum benefit from less work.

What are Beacons?

Beacons are small Bluetooth-enabled devices with one purpose: to emit a URL – any URL you want. When mobile users with the BeaconSage app are within range of a beacon, their phones automatically pick up the Bluetooth signal and notify the user that there is a beacon nearby. The user can then interact with that beacon, which will take them to the URL programmed into it.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Set Up an Account

BeaconSage RE automatically pulls in your MLS property listings as soon as you create your account. Each listing will have its own beautifully styled page.

Assign a Property to a Beacon

Assign your listings to a beacon, and you're all set. You can manage all of your beacons in one place -- from the BeaconSage RE Manage Beacons page.

Get the BeaconSage App

The BeaconSage app is available in the app stores. Make sure potential buyers know about the app and where to download it. Promote the download URL on offline materials and online sites. We can also provide onsite download promo signage. Contact us for more information.